Ready for an eBook?

As you would expect, an eBook needs formatting according to certain guidelines in order to be converted into a form suitable for viewing with an eReader. It would be relatively simple if we had but one type eReader; however, we have the Kindle, the Nook, and many others that all need to view our eBook.

When you write for an eBook, you're not writing for a printed page with headers, footers, and page numbers. Your words appear on a small page that the reader might resize, perhaps using larger or smaller fonts. Not only that, but the reader might view your book using a laptop or even a giant 27" monitor. You just don't know.

To get your eBook published, here's an overview of what has to happen. It's what we do here; it's all the work that goes into making your book a success.

  1. Copyedit for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, and consistency.
  2. Prepare a table of contents with hyperlinks to each chapter.
  3. Design a cover consistent with your book topic.
  4. Prepare the front and back material, as well as index if necessary.
  5. Send you a copy of your eBook for approval; this is iterative as the project unfolds.
  6. Publish directly on Amazon for retail sales.
  7. Publish at Smashwords, who then distributes to retailers such as Sony, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, and Diesel.

As you might suspect, marketing your eBook is a major factor in the profitable success of your publishing venture! It won't sell itself unless your name is widely recognized.