Who is Wilcox Publishing?

Or, more specifically, "Who is Alan Wilcox," the main person doing the work. Let's speak to this issue first: I'm an engineer! Whoa, why's an engineer offering editorial services to folks who want to publish eBooks?

You can view my other site, Wilcox Engineering. When you're there, you'll see that I've written four engineering-design and computer-design textbooks. I've been through the traditional printed-book routine. Plus, I've taken courses on book publishing and copyediting. PS ... after multiple hacks, I revised the site to simply show photos and host various blog articles.

In mid-May 2009, I started a nine-month writing project to create my autobiography, or memoirs, if you like. It turned out quite well, at least in my opinion, but I discovered that finding a print publisher was a big challenge. Bigger than it should be.

Yes, I could self-publish by engaging a publisher to turn my manuscript into a printed book. Being a bit of a computer person, I said, "Self, you need to use your computer skills to put this book out even without a publisher." So I did, and you can see my memoirs, an eBook viewable by all major readers.

Not surprisingly, the leap from manuscript to eBook wasn't quite the easy task I expected. I did it, and then helped one of my friends to turn one of his works into an eBook as well.

Here's where you come in. I'll help you turn your manuscript into an eBook if you want. Send me a manuscript or a sample, and I'll quote you for as much or little help as you need. See our Submission Guidelines!