Submission Guidelines

Because we are a small publisher, okay, a boutique publisher, we need to be very selective in where we allocate our resources. Although we're quite flexible and have gathered an eclectic collection of publications, we do not consider any erotica, horror, or other similar genre. Other than that, let's see what you have!

Your manuscript need not be complete when we first meet.

What happens next:

1. Send your query using the Contact Us form. Include a brief description of your book, your target audience, and yourself. Why are you writing the book?

2. We'll respond by eMail and, if your proposal has merit, ask you to send a copy of your manuscript for review. A Word-doc file will be fine; headers, footers, and page numbers not needed. Include any illustrations you have. You might also provide more about your audience and how we might reach them effectively.

3. After receiving your material, we'll telephone to discuss your book and your plans. Bringing out a book is a team effort, and we need to know how we can help you best!

4. If we accept your manuscript for publication, we'll let you know as soon as possible and give you instructions on the next steps to take as we create your book.