Overcoming Foreclosure

Cover1500w-100Searching for legal leverage to avoid foreclosure? Overcoming Foreclosure is the answer to your prayers. It describes why MERS loans are not enforceable, and provides a step-by-step approach to assemble a Quiet Title lawsuit to exploit fatal flaws in the documents. American Home Mortgage and Countrywide cut corners to expedite fast loans by replacing attorneys with clerks without legal supervision. The resulting documents can be successfully challenged in court.

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When Wall Street decided to use mortgages as debt collateral, they needed large volumes of mortgages. Typical offers of mortgage-backed certificates ranged from one-half to two billion dollars. To achieve this volume, lenders like American Home Mortgage and Countrywide had to cut corners and expedite the processing of loans. Attorneys were replaced with clerks; and clerks worked without legal supervision. Formalities required by the Statute of Frauds and mandatory recording statutes were treated like they did not exist. Ignoring mandatory statutes has consequences. Every mortgage or deed of trust involving a shell corporation called Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) has been rendered unenforceable by property statutes which were simply ignored. Overcoming Foreclosure describes why these loans are not enforceable, and it provides a step-by-step approach for assembling a Quiet Title lawsuit designed to exploit these fatal flaws.

Overcoming Foreclosure is grounded in law, but it has been written for the homeowner confronted with this problem. If you have been searching for legal leverage, this book is intended to be the answer to your prayers.