Hearts: The Surgeon from Zion

Front cover

How do we make progress in the practice of medicine? Is progress made only in test tubes in someone's sophisticated lab in Boston or some other big city? What about the rest of us? As far as patients in small towns and rural areas are concerned, how do they take advantage of progress made in the big medical centers?

In this 1979 story, Dr. John Rockwell Cameron has witnessed patients dying because they couldn't get timely heart surgery in the big city. He has his own ideas for taking care of them where he practices in rural South Fork, Pennsylvania. He initiates a self-funded plan for doing heart surgery, and runs into opposition from other physicians and hospital administration.

In Hearts, we see how Rocky's family and his efforts change surgical practices. We can judge for ourselves if there is a reward for doctors who do the right thing in the face of opposition.

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Printed version of the book is published by Wilcox Publishing and is available in the CreateSpace Store.