Who Was My Mother?

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 A Search For Understanding ...

It was too late, far too late, to find out who my mother was when the call came. Then she was gone, and I realized my huge loss.

This is the story of Esther Wilcox. I had to find what happened in her life, and I started to put the pieces together. As I discovered more, I learned who she was, and I now remember her by telling her story.

There are others who suddenly find they don't know the person who passed on. If you find yourself in that situation, be encouraged; when you start looking, you might find far more information than I did.

A century ago, life in America might appear quite different from today. Looking back though, that golden tranquil age was anything but peaceful: the Great Depression, the two World Wars, Korea, Viet Nam, and other conflicts all happened during Esther's lifetime.

In telling her story, Esther Wilcox comes alive again because her memory lives on...
And this book is to honor my mother.

Printed version of the book is published by Wilcox Publishing and is available in the CreateSpace Store.