Edit Manuscript

In a perfect world, the first manuscript that you submitted would be ready to go with little more to do. Unfortunately, extra work needs to go into the book before it can go public.

When you're writing a book, it's easy to get swept up in the dynamics of the scene! In your rush to get the words written before you forget them, misspelling a word isn't unusual. Same with forgetting the rules of grammar, punctuation, and style. What about consistency within your work? All kinds of details get lost in the dash to capture the moment.

This is where your copy editor comes in.

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Publish eBooks

Starting with a copyedited manuscript would be nice. Actually, however, part of the eBook-publishing work is done concurrently. The table of contents, or TOC for short, is a prime example because it provides early structure and navigation within the entire document.

The TOC is a list hyperlinked chapter headings. When readers want to go to a particular chapter, all they need do is click or touch the hyperlinked entry in the TOC. The chapter titles are also hyperlinked, and they all go back to the TOC. As the editing continues, this linkage gets tested over and over for proper operation.

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Publish pBooks

What's a pBook? It's a printed book, as distinguished from our electronic counterpart, the eBook. We can arrange for printing several copies of your book, or hundreds: your choice. Because you'll have a lot more money invested in a printed-book project, marketing and distribution will be major issues we'll need to address.

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You want your book to sell!

After all the effort you've put into creating your book, you'd like enthusiastic readers to buy your book, read every word, and then talk about it on their Facebook page, Tweet their friends, urge them to read it too.

That can happen, but you need to actively promote the book, and we can help!

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