Edit Manuscript

In a perfect world, the first manuscript that you submitted would be ready to go with little more to do. Unfortunately, extra work needs to go into the book before it can go public.

When you're writing a book, it's easy to get swept up in the dynamics of the scene! In your rush to get the words written before you forget them, misspelling a word isn't unusual. Same with forgetting the rules of grammar, punctuation, and style. What about consistency within your work? All kinds of details get lost in the dash to capture the moment.

This is where your copy editor comes in.

As you might expect, the initial draft will need at least basic copyediting. We read every line of your manuscript, even when it appears initially clean! This is to ensure that our published work is of high quality, and that the final product is one we can all be proud of producing.

When we receive your manuscript, we'll evaluate the level of copyediting needed, and agree with you on a fixed fee per thousand published words.

We start work on your draft as soon as we receive your non-refundable deposit. The deposit later becomes the payment of your book's selling-and-info page on this site. You'll have your own page at Published Works that you can link to when you're publicizing your book.

As editing continues, we'll send eMail for you to review for clarity and correctness. It's an iterative process, and it concludes with a manuscript ready for publishing.


Alan Wilcox is a wonderful copy editor and I certainly needed his services. Although I enjoy writing and have written for many years, I am not always perfect or consistent in my grammar and punctuation, plus I have a habit of not noticing certain errors, even if I have stared at them several times. I can't imagine writing a book without someone else being my "third eye" and Alan is excellent at that. He is particularly adept at organizing and improving the coherence of my outlines, and I am eternally grateful. -- Hank Pellissier, Author