Publish eBooks

Starting with a copyedited manuscript would be nice. Actually, however, part of the eBook-publishing work is done concurrently. The table of contents, or TOC for short, is a prime example because it provides early structure and navigation within the entire document.

The TOC is a list hyperlinked chapter headings. When readers want to go to a particular chapter, all they need do is click or touch the hyperlinked entry in the TOC. The chapter titles are also hyperlinked, and they all go back to the TOC. As the editing continues, this linkage gets tested over and over for proper operation.

The cover is a major part of the publishing project. Once a title is selected and a suitable image is found, then we can create the cover using Photo Shop. Your participation is vital so we can make an appealing cover for your book. You might have one or more useful images of photos or drawings of your own. You might also find something in the public domain that works; for example, Wikimedia Commons has thousands of images available.

While the TOC and cover are being finished, the title page and back material are being completed too. If you intend to have a foreword in the book, we'll need that text now as well.

We need your author's biography, which we put on Smashwords along with your photo.

As we near completion, you'll need to write a short and a long synopsis of the book. You'll also need to assemble a list of keywords that can be used to help buyers search for your book.

Finally, at the conclusion of the eBook build, we normally create an "epub" version and check it for correctness.

Time to publish!

  • We publish directly on Amazon for retail Kindle sales.
  • We also publish at Smashwords, who then distributes to retailers such as Sony, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, and Diesel. At this point your eBook will be available in many different formats for all the popular eReaders now on the market.

After the book has been successfully published, we obtain an ISBN for your book.

The final steps we take are to create your book's selling-and-info page on this site. You'll have your own page at Published Works that you can link to when you're publicizing your book.


Publishing an eBook is a fabulous and inexpensive way to get your thoughts out into the blogosphere quickly. I'm a Kindle reader myself, and our numbers are accelerating quickly. The future belongs, I'm convinced, to immediately-attainable, easily-transportable, space-saving eBooks.

Alan Wilcox provided me with invaluable encouragement and assistance when he edited and published two of my eBooks in 2011, and I'm looking forward to publishing another one in 2012, again, with his trustworthy help. -- Hank Pellissier, Author