Publish pBooks

What's a pBook? It's a printed book, as distinguished from our electronic counterpart, the eBook. We can arrange for printing several copies of your book, or hundreds: your choice. Because you'll have a lot more money invested in a printed-book project, marketing and distribution will be major issues we'll need to address. Unlike the eBook, we're concerned with putting together a product that not only looks good on the shelf (and begs to be picked up!), but also looks great inside. All the pages need to be properly numbered, headers and footers should be different on facing pages, and illustrations must be correctly sized and placed. It becomes quite involved, and significantly more time consuming to get it right.

There are a few tasks common to eBook publishing ... and more added. Here's an overview. It's what we do here; it's all the work that goes into making your book a success.

  1. Copyedit for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, and consistency.
  2. Prepare a table of contents with page numbers.
  3. Design front and back covers consistent with your book topic.
  4. Prepare the front and back material, as well as index if necessary.
  5. Send you an electronic copy of your for approval; this is iterative as the project unfolds.
  6. Obtain an ISBN and LCCN for your book.
  7. Arrange for printing and distribution.

In the case of a printed book, marketing your pBook is a significant issue in the profitable success of your publishing venture! It won't sell itself unless your name is widely recognized.

Before investing the time and money in making a pBook, you might want to publish an eBook first. Doing that gives you a chance to evaluate your market and fine-tune your approach for less risk.