You want your book to sell!

After all the effort you've put into creating your book, you'd like enthusiastic readers to buy your book, read every word, and then talk about it on their Facebook page, Tweet their friends, urge them to read it too.

That can happen, but you need to actively promote the book, and we can help!

When you were writing your book, you had a target audience in mind. Those same people will be your customers, buying not only this book, but your next book, and any other products you might develop. How can you reach them with your sales message? "Here's my new book! You'll really like it!"

You need to make it easy for the prospective buyer. You've probably noticed that Amazon has a way to preview books online; they've even instituted a lending program. It's easy for the prospect to get interested in a book and say, "Yes, I like this. I'll click the 'add to cart' button and buy it."

Similarly, you've visited the Published page on this site, and have already seen how easy it is to simply click a button to view a free sample.

How to the message out though? Making it easy to buy is great, but you need to get them there first! The answer? Get the word out by advertising or publicity. Advertising is your last resort: it takes cash. Let's do the publicity first because it's free. Free is good! Here are some things we can do to get noticed:

  • Book reviews. Each one is a credible assurance to the buyer.
  • Make announcements on Facebook, Twitter, and your other social networks.
  • Press releases to newspapers and magazines your buyer reads.
  • Feature story by your local newspaper about you and your book.
  • Sales flyers that can be handed out.
  • Book signings if you have a printed book.
  • Speaking at clubs or interest groups; better if you have a print book.

If you do all of the above, or even a few of them, you'll have some sales. No guarantees on this one: it's an uphill battle, and, unless your book is drop-dead dynamite, every single sale will be a reason to celebrate.

You need a marketing plan. It can be a simple one-page sketch, or a comprehensive mult-page document. The issue is, of course, that you need to plan ahead. In a nutshell, it's an analysis of your customers, who they are where to find them, and a strategy for reaching them. The "plan" is a statement of which marketing tools will be used to best implement the strategy to reach your objectives.

A good quick reference to review is Mark Coker's free Marketing Guide. It has over 30 useful tips to boost eBook sales. It's a starting place for things you can do yourself.

You might find this marketing book useful too. It's available on Amazon.
Sell More Books!: Book Marketing and Publishing for Low Profile and Debut Authors Rethinking Book Publicity after the Digital Revolutions

If you need assistance, you might consider several ways that I might help:

  • Market-mentor by eMail. Tell me what you're doing and why; I'll send you my reaction and advice.
  • Individual telephone consultation by the hour. Discussion about your plans and marketing problems.
  • Critique of your written marketing plan.

We all want success in the marketplace, but sometimes the buyer just doesn't seem to be responding. We'll all do our best, and if the sales come, wonderful! If they're a bit slow, we know we gave it our best shot.

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